Saturday, May 5, 2007

The Mercury has risen again....(not the thermometer!)

Maybe you recall a recent post regarding how I think that Dad jinxed my van, a Mercury Villager. I had told him that I will soon pay it off and he said that I will have to use the payment money for repairs! Two days after that, I had to fix the front brakes! Plus I was told that the CV Joint would need to be fixed soon. Any guesses as to where this is all going? Well, guess what I had to have done this week? The Mercury was in for repairs! ..and of course it's put on a hoist in order to do this....get it? Mercury has risen?.....I know....very bad.
Anyway, while Dad and Beverly were here, I took the van in to D and D Automotive to have the electric window replaced. It had to stay there overnight because the parts had to be ordered.
The other day after leaving work, I noticed that as I was making a turn, there was a clicking noise coming from the driver's side wheel. I knew that it was the CV Joint. That meant that a repair would need to happen soon! So I called one of the ramp agents that I work with and arranged to get a ride to work the next day. He lives about 1/2 mile from me. After getting home from work again, I took the van to D and D once again. I got a different fellow ramp agent, Lisa, to take me home again. Scott from the automotive shop called me to let me know that the CV Joint and the Tie Rod Ends needed to be replaced. That's not all!!! He also said that the struts are leaking too. But not badly. So I had them fix the cv joint and the tie rod ends. The struts will have to wait until I get another paycheck!
The next day I rode to work, once again, with Ron, the fellow ramp agent whom lives close by. After work, he drove me to D and D (he's been there several times himself with his own vehicles!) to pick up my van. Once I wrote out a check for a small fortune, I again had my van in my possession! A person never really realizes how much they depend on a vehicle until they don't have it! And I hate depending on people for rides! So much for all the overtime hours I put in! My van is slowing eating all of that up in repair expenses!
So now I'm trying to work overtime again as much as possible. Because the Mercury will be rising again in the near future!

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Kevin Moberg said...

I apologize. I fear that I am responsible for your using puns for the titles of your blog posts. Peer pressure. I, however, don't think it's a bad pun at all--it's rather clever (Mercury rising). Carry on!