Saturday, May 5, 2007

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Does anyone celebrate Cinco De Mayo? I guess I usually don't. But one of our friendly Customer Service Agents, Rocio, is from Mexico. She arranged to have pot luck food to commemorate Cinco De Mayo. That would be the fifth of May for those of you unfamiliar! So several people contributed some very tasty dishes! I decided to try a new recipe. Mexican Brownies. After all was said and done, they taste like regular brownies. But we sure had a feast of several wonderful dishes! I can't even begin to remember them all.

Ever wonder about how it all got started? Check this out. It gives alot of interesting facts regarding Cinco De Mayo. Here is another site. Many cities throughout the U.S. celebrate this Mexican holiday. Even more so than the Spanish themselves. Strange, isn't it? As I sit here typing next to an open window, I can hear some folks nearby whooping and hollering! Of course the possibility is there that it has nothing to do with May 5Th, I guess. There is a bar just over the small hill....hmm.
At any rate.....I hope your Cinco De Mayo is festivo and seguro! Feliz Cinco De Mayo!


Kevin Moberg said...

You have never struck me as more Mexican than at this very moment. I celebrate cinco de mayo every year because today is my friend Darin's birthday. He, however, is nowhere near Mexican.

I'm curious what went into the non-Mexican Mexican brownies that was supposed to make them "Mexican." A taco shell? A piƱata? Some tequila?

Sandal said...

It was actually a regular brownie recipe that also called for cinnamon. The frosting was home made....cream cheese and dulce de leche...this was also home made. Not from a can! It was delicious! But next time, I'll add more cinnamon. I couldn't even tell it was in the mix. Oh well, maybe next year.

Snoozn said...

The brownies sound yummy! I'll have to try them for dessert next year -- the cherry enchiladas we had were okay, but the ice cream on top was the best part :-)