Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Continuing Vacation at Dad and Beverly's

Dad and Beverly had some errands to run in Tioga today so I rode along with them. Bandy went too because it was nice enough that she could stay in the car. She kept a watchful eye on me when she wasn't sitting with me. Here she is staring me down; she is sitting on the arm rest in the car looking at me in the back seat. She was my little buddy while I was at Dad and Beverly's. She even slept with me....;)


Bandy had just recently had a haircut and nails trimmed so her hair was very soft to the touch. She was very excited to be home after being in Bowbells while Dad and Beverly were in MSP for the reunion. You would think that she hadn't seen people in months by her reaction of getting home! So cute!
We stopped at a local cafe to eat dinner and I saw more friendly faces! Cousin Jeff Moberg and his wife Wanda, high school friends Juli Strid and Susan Wolla (I used to babysit for Susan and her hubby Jay a long time ago!) and 2 uncles from my Mom's side, Curtis and Lawrence Roloff! I'm bummed though as I didn't have my camera with me!
That night back at home and after we were done eating supper, Dad was in the garage and Beverly asked him to play his accordion. He agreed. So I went and got his other accordion and attempted to play along with him. It was fun but oh, so horrible! I had a hard time figuring out the buttons for the left hand. Just when I'd get those down and try to play the right hand keys at the same time, I would fail miserably! Quite sad! Dad was laughing at me but it was fun to try the craft that he's mastered after all these years. Plus, the accordion was big enough that I had to stand just to play it. No chair for me. And, I couldn't tighten the straps enough to make it fit me right! Ugh! Good times!

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Kevin Moberg said...

I'm having flashbacks of each of us three kids taking a turn through the years portraying Lawrence Welk in Mrs. Davis' spring programs. Remember that tiny little accordian that we'd play while classmates blew bubbles at us as we stood in the cardboard cut-out made to look like a giant history book?