Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Need a Lift?

It was the perfect evening. Slight breeze, comfortable temperature and a beautiful sunset.

I wondered out onto my porch for no particular reason other than to enjoy the evening air. Upon looking to the western sky I noticed something that isn't really all that odd here in Omaha. A pair of hot air balloons. They looked as if they were just hanging from the sky with an invisible string. Barely drifting along towards the south. They made a nice silhouette in the somewhat cloudy sky.

We often see these balloons while at work. The Bluffs of Council Bluffs are just to the east of the airport. There is an area on the other side of them where dozens will take off early in the morning if the conditions are right. Once they are airborne, we see them slowly rise over the tops of the Bluffs against the morning sunrise. A very serene picture.

But sometimes I notice them over the city near my house. Tonight was one of those times. It would be fun to have a ride in one of them and slowly glide over the treetops and houses. I imagine it would be a very unique experience.

Each year in Albuquerque, NM, a festival is held with hundreds of these sometimes whimsically shaped balloons. I have never attended but would love to be part of it sometime. Here is the link to that huge event. Doesn't it look fun?


Kevin Moberg said...

Wow! I love that such an unusual occurrence is perfectly normal where you live. Neat!

P.S. Any comments from Dad since I showed him how to do it? Nothing from him yet on my blog . . .

Sandal said...

Nothing from Dad yet....but I did ask him on the phone about the crop. It's Canola.