Saturday, July 4, 2009

Reunion Vacation......Day #2, Part 1

Today was a day of many scheduled activities. Some would be golfing in the morning. Some would be going to a water park called Cascade Bay. The first cousin ladies of Dad's generation including Bea, would be having their regular luncheon at the hotel. It was a catered meal. This is a tradition that was started back when these reunions began in 1997. My great aunts, Bea, June and my own Grandma plus all their daughters and daughters-in-law gathered for a women-only lunch.
After sleeping in and enjoying a big breakfast that was furnished by the hotel, Cathy, Kevin and Susan and the girls and I went to get ready for our day at the water park. It was over cast but the temperature was about 70*. Not very hot but that was OK. We didn't need anyone to get over-exposed by the sun.
We met outside the park at 12 noon. Once we knew all were there that had planned on showing, Sean and Chad Kilgore (whom were in charge of the admittance of our group and are grandchildren of Bea, the family hosting our reunion) had us follow them in and gave us tickets that would take care of our lunch as well while there! How over-generous is that!

The park had a lazy river, 2 big water slides, a smaller version for little kids, and a splash area for toddlers and parents. Here are a few pictures to show the fun times had by all!

The entrance....Cascade Bay.

Just waiting for everyone to show up so that we could go in......

......and waiting.....

.....and waiting some more.

The two large slides. The green one is very fast. The white one on the left is a little bit slower. I personally liked the green one best! You had to lay flat with your hands crossed over your chest. You actually make a jump going around one of the curves! It's awesome!

After getting through the gates, I went directly to the water slides, followed by my nieces. We were the only ones in line! Due to the cooler temps and cloudy sky, there were hardly any people there. It made it nice for us! The first slide we went down was the white one. The top of it is uncovered and one can sit up whilst sliding towards the waiting pool at the bottom. The green one, however, is much quicker and also enclosed with a small window in one section. But, anyone that chooses this one must lay on their back, feet first and cross their arms across their chest! It is so fast! During one of my turns, I was trying to pick my head up to see when I might near the pool in order to plug my nose before the destined plunge. I was unable to lift my head for what seemed like the entire way down due to the momentum from the speed in which I was traveling! It ultimately made my neck muscles achy the next day!
Later, I went down the lazy river with Hillary, my youngest niece. We entered the lazy river by going down a slide on a double-rider tube. Then it was just relaxation at its best.
Hillary liked this little water slide....

Me, John, Susan, Cathy

My niece Suzanna

My niece Abigail
I had to take a break from all the water and lounged near one of the pools with my sister Cathy, one of my cousins, John and my sister-in-law, Susan. Hours later, after having our free lunch, a few of us decided to head back to the hotel to clean up for our evening get-together at the park. Not long after leaving, a big thunderstorm that had been nearing the city, gave way and rained very hard. We left at the right time!

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Kevin Moberg said...

It was a fun excursion even for those of us who didn't swim!